Sunpower I-Light Review

Vizen marketing recenlty asked me to review the I-light led stick for review. It's the first time i'm trying this kind of product so I was
very excited to review it.

When you purchase the i-light led it comes with it's own battery and charger ac adapter socket unlike other brand which you need to buy it separately.

It also comes with its own carrying case.

The i-light led has a 3/4 socket at the bottom so you can easily mount it to any lightstand or tripod.

It has two sides with different colors, a 5500k(Daylight) and an 3200k(Tungsten) led light which you can adjust the power.

It certainly can be used as a normal light source for Portraits or product shots but I wanted to really test how I can use the i-light to it's full potential. I had a shoot in my studio of 5 talented dancers and it was the perfect time to play around with the i-light.
We were first shooting on the rooftop of my studio and I just played around with the I-light very quick. There was a lot of ambient light from buildings so I was also exposing the other lights as well.

I liked the results but I knew I could do better so we went down to my studio so that there would be no ambient light and I could see the full potential of the I-light some more. I wanted to show the movement of the dancers and the flow of how they move. I also wanted to add colors to my light so I got pieces of colored gels (even colored plastic or cellophane would do as the lights doesn't get hot like studio strobes or flash) and taped it on the upper half of the i-light.

The one thing I was really happy how you used the i-light was it was like holding a lightsaber and using it was really fun. It also is
built very tough and doesn't feel cheap.

I set my camera on a tripod and set my shutter to BULB, f/8 at iso 200. This was a little tougher than my regular lightpainting as my only light that was hitting my subject was the i-light and every movement they made would be seen in the output, but they did a great job trying to be very steady.

All the lights were off except the i-light and when I pressed the shutter, one of the dancers light painted first the front of the subject and around the back of the subject. You can check out my article on How to Light Paint here, where I also feature the i-Light.

t was really fun playing around with the I-light, if you want multi purpose light then this is a product worth checking out! Price is P12,5000 but if you mention the article you get 25% OFF! Go to facebook and search Vizen Marketing to order it.