More than 6 years, after experimenting on my own. I have decided to share my knowledge to my fellow photographers, home photographers and future professional photographers.

The things I am going to show and teach you are things that I have learned from researching, looking at photographs, and things I have personally discovered and invented from doing Photography. I will also teach you not just the basic stuff but the tips & tricks in Photography, and how to really make use of your Camera.

I am a Professional Photographer and a Graduate of NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF PHOTOGRAPHYAWARD OF MERIT WINNER.

I believe that YOU LEARN BY DOING, so this Photography workshop is 80% hands on. Just as we are different people, we are also different photographers. People interpret what they see in different ways, I'm just going to teach you the tricks that you can use in your own photography but you have to find your own direction or your own focus.

The First Batch of 1 Day Advanced Photography Workshop started March 6 2010. After more than 5 years of teaching I have already taught 90 Batches, or more than 1000 Students.

As I learn new techniques, I do not hesitate to share and teach them to my students. This is also why the workshop outline usually changes and gets even better every month.

Oh and don't forget to have fun! :)




Studio and Outdoor Lighting using Speedlights and StudioStrobes from Portraits, Still life to LightPainting and HighSpeed Photography

  • Important Camera Functions for using off-camera flash.
  • Using speedlights or studiostrobes
  • Different modifiers
  • Using Gels
  • Syncing techniques
  • Flash Duration
  • How to analyze lighting


  • Starting with one light and adding lights
  • Using speedlights outdoors
  • On white Shoot
  • Using gels on background
  • Signature shot
  • And Many More

Still life Photography

  • Light Box 
  • Light Painting
  • Shooting Flame
  • Basic Food Photography
  • How to shoot Glass
  • Using granite tile for still life shoots

HighSpeed Photography

  • Most important thing about high speed photography
  • Different highspeed photography shots

For Reservations:



  • Workshop Schedule: August. 13

  • Registration fee: P2,500

  • Reserve your Slot Now!
  • From 9:30am-6pm
  • 4-8 people
  • If you have a Group minimum of 4pax we can arrange a private workshop according to your availability
  • Participants will be given their own workshop folder
  • Now Offering 1on1 Private Workshop
  • Venue is in LSG STUDIOS, Panay Ave. Q.C.


  • Must know Basic Photography (even from reading from books or learning from your own experience)
  • Bring your Own Camera and Manuals
  • Don't forget to bring your own ballpen
  • Please bring pocket money for lunch
  • Snacks are allowed during the workshop

Additional Information

  • A model will be available for the workshop